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Eyelash Extensions at Kim Sun Young, our aims to provide our clients with the best lash services in Sydney. Our technicians have many years of experience and are here to offer exceptional service catered to every individual. Regardless of whether you are looking to treat yourself to a beautiful set of lashes for a special event or simply to avoid the daily hassle of putting on makeup, our team is capable of customising every single lash extension set for the wearer. Contact us or visit our salon in Sydney CBD (Liverpool St) to find out more.

Eyelash Extensions
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Sydney's Leading Salon For Eyelash Extensions

Do you know what makes a woman feel like an absolute goddess? Eyelash extensions. It enhances your eye's natural beauty and is the perfect way to dramatically amp up your look, no matter where you're headed.

The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

If you're looking for a way to enhance your appearance and boost confidence, look no further than eyelash extensions! Sydney's Leading Salon For Eyelash Extensions offers a wide variety of lash extension options to suit your individual needs and style. From natural-looking lashes to dramatic, voluminous styles, we have something for everyone.

Not only do eyelash extensions give you a chance to rock a new look, but they also come with a number of benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider getting lash extensions:

1. They can save you time in the morning

Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to achieve the perfect lash look? With extensions, you can wake up feeling fabulous without putting in any extra effort. Brush through your lashes, and you're good to go!

2. They're low-maintenance

Once your lash extensions are applied, there's very little upkeep required. You can swim, shower, and exercise without worry – avoid rubbing or picking at your lashes. And when it's time for a refill, our experts will care for everything!

3. They're comfortable

Extensions are applied with medical-grade adhesive so they stay put until it's time for them to be removed (usually after 2-4 weeks). And because they're lightweight and attached to each individual lash, you won't even know they're there!

4. They're customisable

Whether you're after a natural or glam look, our team can create a style that's perfect for you. We also offer a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curl types to choose from.

5. They last

With proper care, your lash extensions can last for weeks at a time. And because they're semi-permanent, you don't have to worry about the daily hassle of removal and reapplication like with other cosmetic products.

How to Get Eyelash Extensions

If you're looking for a salon that offers eyelash extensions in Sydney, look no further than Kim Sun Young! We are experts in the field and can help you achieve your desired look.

There are many reasons to get eyelash extensions, including wanting to add length and fullness to your natural lashes or to give yourself a dramatic new look. Whatever your reason, we can help you achieve the perfect lash look.

The first step is to book an appointment with us, so we can discuss your desired look and what type of lash extension would be best suited for you. We will then assess your natural lashes to ensure they are suitable for extensions.

Once we have determined that you are a good candidate for lash extensions, we will proceed with the application process. This involves attaching individual synthetic lashes to your natural ones with a specialised adhesive. The entire process usually takes around two hours.

After applying your lash extensions, we will give you some aftercare instructions so you can keep them looking their best. For example, it's essential to avoid getting them wet or using oil-based products on your face for the first 24 hours after application. These simple guidelines will help ensure your lash extensions last up to six weeks before needing a touch-up.

How to Take Care of Your New Lashes

Taking care of your new lashes is important to maintain their look and longevity. Here are some tips on how to take care of your new lashes: 

Mink Lashes

We also offer premium Mink lash extensions. Choose from a variety of styles and dimensions, including Classic, Hybrid, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D lash extensions. Achieve stunning, voluminous lashes that perfectly complement your new, beautiful eyebrows.

Our highly skilled lash technicians will customise the lash extensions to suit your eye shape and desired style. From a natural, everyday look to glamorous and dramatic lashes, we have options to cater to every preference. Wake up to effortlessly beautiful lashes that enhance your eyes and overall appearance.

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