A1, A2, B3, papa, Oil, Light Brilliant, Ai Shampoo

The reaction treatment is an independent repairing both interior and exterior of the hair. Therefore, we recommend that you use the reaction treatment in between where perm and colouring take place.

Hair Treatment : A1, A2, B3, papa, Oil, Light Brilliant, Ai Shampoo
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Molecular weight 3,000 un-crstallized carotene protein with hydrophobic property Keratin protein cares and nourishes th hair, Preparation for colouring performance and mid-application solution for a perm 40% improvement of colouring peformance, 50% reduction of discolouration 100% hair nourishment.

PAPA : Colour, Treatment and Perm
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PPT Series


product is ideal for performances involving heating Keratin complex revitalize both in and out of the hair giving elasticity and volume to the hair.

Due to the KEratin complex and collagen, TOTA provice hair-care internal and external of the hair. When mixed with the solution, you will see the vital signs of good hair, that is strength, elasticity and shine.

PPT : polypeptide
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The new Global Keratin Hair Taming System now contains the most beneficial keratin proteins that nature can offer. It’s called Juvexin. And what’s more-it’s a world wide exclusive to Global Keratin. Juvexin infuses Functional Keratin. hair’s natural ingredient, deep into the hair cuticle to achieve radical shine and smoothness for healthy, revitalized hair. And unlike other brands, Juexin does not contain hydrolised keratin. The process of hydrolisation breaks down and destroys the natural amino acids and proteins in the keratin.

The revolutionary new Juvexin Hair Taming System is turning heads.

The Juvexin effect is frizz-free, bouncy and radiant hair. And that’s why everyone can benefit from Global Keratin Hair Taming System, even overprocessed and chemically damaged hair, in fact, the more damaged the better. It deeply reconditions, repairs and protects against UV and environmental damage. The immediate result is soft, shiny, healthy and luxurious - and unlike other chemical treatments and relaxers, can be used on coloured or chemically straightened hair.




CRYSTALLIZING STRAIGHT : Smoothing & Retexturizing System
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Kim Sun Young, the president of KSYBS, actually invented and developed the famous straight perm system around 1990’s with special natural ingredients mix at the Seoul main salon.


Why hair straghtening at Kim Sun Young Beauty Salon?

0117 years pioneering experience for Straight Perm / Magic Perm / Rebonding Perm.

02Very best in thermal reconditioning technique, used by Japanese and Korean stylists to create the silky straight and sleek looks.

03Using best quality solutions, our experienced stylists use the right product according to the each customer’s own hair needs.

04Affordable prices, ranging from $150 depending on the length and quality of hair




“It’s really important that my hair is styled professionally as, until recently, I was appearing weekly on Network Ten’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ show.
They use a unique ‘hair iron’ system which involves drying the air off and then applying special hot irons to make unruly waves smooth and immaculate.
I have never come across a stylist who does such a tremendous job and they are well versed at dealing with thick, heavy hair.
It’s far superior to the clumsy thinning techniques I’ve been subjected to in other salons….”
Rachael Lloyd <Journalist>
“As I have thicker and fuller hair, I have spent many years searching for a salon that suits my needs as Kim Sun Young’s does so well. I find they use techniques that other salons can only not duplicate, but are not even aware existed. They are always ahead with the latest trends and hairstyles around Australia, and the world.
Both their straightening and colouring techniques are most definitely by far the best I have ever experienced from a beauty salon,
which is why I chose to travel half an hour to visit Kim Sun Young’s.
I believe they have the best, most well-trained staff in the industry…”
Monique Buttaro